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You just got engaged!! Now what?!

First comes the rush of excitement and thrill of a new engagement but that is slowly replaced with the on set of fear and being overwhelmed with all the planning. Will it be a big wedding or something small and intimate? Sit down or buffet? Indoor or outdoor? Don't worry you are not alone everyone freaks out a little and then like most of us we calm ourselves with making a list which helps us get a grip on all we have to do. There are tons of lists out there so I am providing links to some of my favorites. Something they all have in common is the first item which is decide on your budget. Knowing how much you are willing to spend will help you in deciding where to spend and what you can cut out or cut down on. Are you willing to create DIY items for gifts or the centerpieces? Pinterest is a great resource.

As a photographer the best piece of advice I can give is deciding on your photographer early and if you are torn between a few photographers test them out with a preliminary shoot. You will most likely want to send out save the dates or engagement pictures with your invitations or announcements which is a great opportunity to get to meet your photographer. You can also do a bridal shoot in your wedding attire to display at the wedding and to get some great shots of you together if you don't mind being seen before the wedding, which is another great opportunity to meet with a photographer. This is something to consider especially since your wedding day is going to be packed. Allowing 1 hour between the ceremony and reception really isn't much time when you consider family groups, bridal party and all the individuals you are trying to fit in that 1 hour. Many photographers like myself offer these sessions at a discountd rate if you book your wedding as well.

Check out the links below and happy planning.

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